Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Perhaps the best 4-letter word I know!  I went to Chris' yoga class tonight at Cityoga after a LONG absence. It reminded me how much I need yoga -- my body needs it, my mind needs it and my soul needs it! Yoga helps me put the workouts, nutrition and mediation all in perspective - like a soft, flexible ribbon that ties it all together with breath!
Enjoy your week, everyone, and stay warm!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old and new

Just in case anyone is interested, this is the link to my original blog for BTWG.  I couldn't add to it, so decided to start anew!


Just finished shoveling snow. Time to find some grub for the kids and call it a night!
One quick thought to pass on about meditation: I struggle with this all the time. I am finding that it is easier to do in the morning, instead of at night, when I am beat. 
Each morning, I have been hitting the snooze alarm, jumping out of bed and meditating until the next alarm  ... It beats pretending to go back to sleep! :)
Looks like a great first week!
See you Saturday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The space between ...

   I am honored and excited after meeting the BTWG gang on Saturday! Your honesty, your motivation, your desires - and your sense of humor - will make this next 12 weeks an amazing adventure! 
   I am starting my new blog - inspired by yours - in the space between. It just sounded right today. It is one of my favorite lyric-bites from Dave Matthews. It is a good space - better than the one I was wedged in two years ago, before my journey with BTWG.  It has all the important information, all the muscle memory of great results, and all the not-so-good noted.  It's filled with intentions, energy, community and gratitude.  There is little room left for guilt and head games, but they clutter up the corners occasionally.  This space between is solid, but leaves lots of room for growth and rearrangement. Peace - and chaos - fit perfectly! :)
   Whatever your space, however it looks and feels right now, it is OK. And you are more than OK. You are here, the journey is on.  Work from your space and trust yourself (and Chris!)
Remember to breathe - and to laugh.
Accept that you will be overwhelmed at times.
And know that you are not alone.
Your biggest fan,