Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Perhaps the best 4-letter word I know!  I went to Chris' yoga class tonight at Cityoga after a LONG absence. It reminded me how much I need yoga -- my body needs it, my mind needs it and my soul needs it! Yoga helps me put the workouts, nutrition and mediation all in perspective - like a soft, flexible ribbon that ties it all together with breath!
Enjoy your week, everyone, and stay warm!


  1. Kelly thanks for all your encouragement. I really appreciate it! I also want to RSVP for family night at PR Fitness I think I deleted the e mail with the RSVP e mails Have a nice Sunday!

  2. KELLY!!!!

    I was so happy to see you at yoga that night! I had been away for a bit as well and it felt so good to be back with a group of folks that I love....and you top the list, girl!