Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a way to start the day!

   Jason or "Dr. J" taught the first 6:30 a.m. class today at PR Fitness! It was great - I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles to get a workout in at the end of the workday! I was never good at working out in the morning, but then one day I told my body (right, Chris?) that we were going to do this, so that I could have more evening time with my family. My body agreed, and worked! Now I love the feeling of sitting at this computer at 8 p.m., and knowing that I packed in a great early workout and was able to make a yummy black bean chili for the family!  With time to spare!
Have a great week, folks!


  1. You inspire me, Kelly....not enough to get up early and workout with you (heehee) but you inspire me nonetheless with finding ways that work for you and your family! Find the best way to stay balanced, right?

  2. I agree, I totally dread getting up at 5am so i can get to the gym in the mornings, but it's totally worth it. I am able to spend quality time with my kids, and go to swim meets, and scouts etc. It works for me too. I am sooo not a morning person, but i feel great after my workout!
    Balance is underrated.