Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thinking about perfection ...

I've been thinking a lot about the exhausting struggle to be perfect (or at least look that way) that Chris brought to light on Saturday.  It's funny, my 9-year-old daughter can tell me what perfect is (not getting in trouble at school, always looking good and getting everything right), but she can't tell you where or how she got that idea.  Or how she came to understood that perfection is a good or great thing - something she needed to work toward and feel badly about when it was not attained.....
The message needs to be scrambled, revamped, relevant. Maybe, it's about perfect moments.
     The sweaty bliss of a good run or intense workout. 
     The unbridled laugh the unleashes your heart and mind from all the day's weariness. 
     The sweetest face of a child, asleep and dreaming at last.
     The gorgeous meal you cooked and savored. 
They are all so perfect, so real and so easily forgotten in the quest for the 100 percent/people-pleasing madness of doing it all, so perfectly...
For what it is work, check out this movie: http://www.lovethismomentmovie.com/
The music may be cheesy and the graphics kinda Hallmark-esque, but the message rings true to me.
I am thinking of you and wishing all of us perfect moments...


  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for reminding us to slow down long enough to enjoy life's perfection right in front of us in those perfect moments.

  2. Kelly!

    YES! What a great thought. Perfect Moments, and they HAVE to be temporary, 'cause they are moments! And no one should expect to string together perfection from moment to moment....that's crazy-talk! So we work towards them, but don't stress about keeping them when they arrive. Let them in and when they have to, let them go.

    Eating the perfect meal would turn into a horrible barf-fest if you did it all the time.

    Running the perfect race forever would make your legs break if it went on and on....

    Making perfect love would get pretty damn tender for both parties after awhile....


    Love you, Kelly!