Monday, April 11, 2011

Rest day: the joke is on me!

    I laughed to myself as I drove home around 7 p.m. tonight - not from PRFitness, but instead from a blur of department stores and thift stores in search of uniform shorts for my ever-growing children.  Earlier in the day, I had decided to call give myself a "rest" day.  My head exploded Friday night into what I thought was allergies, but now believe might be a cold/flu.  I did a CrossPit workout on Saturday and then hit the trails with the goddesses on Sunday, but neither went quite well.  So, I listened to Coach Chris who told me to "rest" and stay away from the gym to get some energy back.  But then I listened to guilty mom "my poor kids have no shorts and it is 62 degrees" and drove like a crazy woman in rush-hour hell to find one pair of shorts for each kid that pass muster with the uniform code.... So I had to chuckle -- because it never too late for more lessons about life in balance.  Off now to truly rest - feet up and everything! Hope you all find time for real rest!

1 comment:

  1. The lessons just keep coming, don't they Champ? The cool thing is, you are in the game and learning. How many walk around asleep; not even engaged in activity, and the needs of the body - so detached from it all?

    Good for you!